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Jeffrey Goldberg cites a particularly poignant passage.

What will we do once we withdraw from Gaza?…. What will we do when the Katyusha fire starts hitting Sderot, four miles from the Gaza district, and Ashkelon, nine miles from Gaza, and Kiryat Gat, fourteen miles from Gaza….Or what shall we do if the U.N. or  multinational forces are positioned around Gaza and there is still terrorism?

מילים כדורבנות*

And he did it anyway…

*If anyone knows how to properly translate that, please let me know.

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It’s been over 60 years, and Europe is back to legislating against Jews. A recent bill proposed in Denmark would ban circumcision for boys under the age of 15. Criminalizing what is possibly the most of basic Jewish rites would, in effect, be an eviction of Jews from Denmark.

The most ridiculous justification for the bill, however, is the Denmark’s National Council for Children claim that “[j]ust like female circumcision was banned five years ago, male circumcision should be banned.” ‘Female circumcision’ is not circumcision at all, it is mutilation of the female body, for misogynistic reasons.

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It is not true that Israel does not make enough of an effort when it comes to promoting its international image (aka “Hasbara”). In fact, it almost seems as if Israel is making an effort to tarnish its image. This is not solely with respect to the way the West sees us, it also important when it comes to our neighbors’ opinions, as well.

Ever since Israel retreated from Gaza, the number of rocket attacks from the “disengaged” region has increased exponentially. Many of these rockets landed in an IDF basic training base, near Kibbutz Zikim, just north of Gaza. After an attack injured numerous soldiers in 2007, many parents of the new recruits demanded that IDF either fortify the base, to protect them from future attacks, or move the new recruits elsewhere.

In June of this year, the IDF decided to move the trainees to a different base, claiming “the decision is unrelated to the threat of Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip.” (Want to buy a bridge?) When the decision was announced, many feared it would send the wrong message to Israel’s enemies, and would portray Israel as more vulnerable, an image that, in the Middle East, basically begs for more attacks. Labor MK, Danny Yatom, even agreed with Aryeh Eldad (National Union-NRP), saying, “the evacuation of the entire base due to the attacks on it is a severe move and sets a bad example for the citizens of the Gaza-vicinity communities.”

Today, the decision was carried out. The base will not be completely evacuated, and will be manned by a yet-to-be-named division. So it’s not a complete retreat. OK. However, to add insult to injury, pictures of flags being taken down were released to ynet, and published online. Predictably, the Palestinians rejoiced (Hebrew). A statement was released by Abu-Abir, spokesperson for the Popular Resistance Committees (who are still in possession of Gilad Shalit):

The evacuation is yet more proof that the Israeli military is moving from one defeat to another. It began with the withdrawal from Lebanon, continued with the withdrawal from the [Gaza] Strip and the defeat in the [Second] Lebanon War, and of course, also in the daily defeat in the struggle against the Palestinian resistance. Zikim will not be the last place the Israelis evacuate.

Abu-Abir added that in order to win, military superiority is not enough and that determination and faith, two things Israel lacks, but the Palestinians do not.

I am sorry to say I agree with him. He is right on the money. Currently, Israel does lack faith and determination. In recent years Israel has been evacuating, retreating, and losing. However, it is not the military’s fault. The governments and politicians (which include IDF top brass), over the years, have led Israel nowhere good. It’s time that changed. Where is our faith? Where is our determination? At the very least we should not be aiding the enemy by showcasing our weaknesses.

UPDATE: Here is the English version of today’s ynet article.

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This post comes a bit late, but it is relevant nonetheless. Last Tuesday, as you know, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. So far, so good. Democracy in action, the people have spoken, etc.

Here in DC, celebrations went on well into the night. Being happy and celebrating is all well and good, but the revelry went completely overboard. In Adams Morgan, people congregated on the streets, yelling and chanting Obama’s name incessantly. The worst part, however, was the honking. It was like the first few minutes after a sports victory – but it went on for hours on end.

First, who are these people? Did they think they could just quit their jobs now since Obama is going take care of all of their problems? Why else are so many people out on the street at 2:00 am on a Tuesday night? I don’t understand.

More importantly, the police did not do anything. It’s one thing to hear party-goers on a Saturday night. It’s another when it’s Tuesday, and the noise is far worse than any weekend. In Adams Morgan, no less. And so, despite numerous calls to the police, nothing was done. At one point, dispatch informed me that the crowds would be dispersed at 2:15 am. What does that mean? Public disturbances are fine until 2:15 am? Again, I don’t understand.

In any case, there was a police car on the corner of 18th and Columbia, blocking the road (unnecessary, since no cars could get through the mob of people on the street anyway), just like on weekend nights. So, I went down and spoke to one of the police officers who was just standing there, and I explained the situation to him. At first, he had no idea this was a problem. This was 2:00 am and there was more noise than at a football game, what sort of idiot does not see any problem? He also told me that dispatch had not informed him of any complaints. This sort of inefficiency (or is it just carelessness?) on the part of the Metroplolitan Police Department is just mind-boggling.

The police officer seemed pretty nice, though, despite being more than a little stupid, and he told me that he would begin to take care of the honking, at least. I waited half a block away to see what would happen. I assumed taking care of the noise disturbances meant issuing tickets, or at the very least saying something to the offenders. No, nothing of the sort. Instead, I saw the officers hug two guys who were celebrating in the street.

Whom exactly was protected and served??

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Last basketball season, Yossi Malach threw a firecracker onto the court during a game in Jerusalem, resulting in the Yoav Glizenstein, a security guard’s, loss of two fingers. About a month ago, he was sentenced to three years in prison and 150,000 NIS in compensation, to be paid to Glizenstein.

This complete douchebag is now appealing his sentence (sorry, only in Hebrew), claiming the sum of money the court ordered him to pay the security guard is much higher than truly appropriate. His lawyers assert that this is Malach’s first encounter with the law, and that he has expressed remorse for his actions. Therefore the punishment handed down is too “severe” only in order to serve as a warning (למען יראו וייראו – so that people will see and fear) to future offenders.

First of all, BS. This is likely Malach’s first encounter with the law only because the police in Israel are so incompetent and lazy. If the police actually did their job, he probably would have a fairly full rap sheet.

Second of all, who cares? Even if this was his first offense, and that he was a good boy up until that day, how does that exculpate him, or even minimize the offense in any way? He knowingly brought contraband into the stadium that day, with the intension to use it (why else would he smuggle in a firecracker?), and fully cognizant of the harm it could cause.

Third, with the current state of crime in Israel, meting out punishments as a deterrent is not a half bad idea. In any case, the last people who have any right to complain about it are the offenders themselves. If you don’t like the punishment – don’t commit the crime in the first place.

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Spirit of St. Louis

Apparently if you want to hit Jews, all you have to do is go be a sixth-grader in St. Louis. You can create an event for it during your school’s spirit week.

Yes, it’s anti-Semitism. Pure and simple. Some will say it’s just kids being kids. No. I don’t care if they are kids or not, creating an event specifically targetting Jews is anti-Semitism.

And what is their punishment? These bigots “could be suspended and undergo counseling” (emphasis added). Counseling and a few days off from elementary school? Oh, the horror! I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

If it were “Hit a Muslim Day,” then there would be raging editorials written about the unwarranted ‘Islamophobia’ raging across America. About how these kids are learning to demonize minorities. But Jews? No, counseling and vacation should do it.

“Officials said fewer than 10 of the school’s 35 Jewish students were hit.” Wow. So it’s okay to hit Jews, so long as under 30% of them are attacked?

Linda Lelonek, the principal, who only discovered what goes on in her school the following day, responsed in brilliant fashion: “What’s tomorrow going to be? ‘Hit A Principal Day?” I’m sorry, but is she actually implying that would be worse than a day devoted to racism?!

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Israel is fast approaching a conversion into an anti-Jewish Religion state. First, no Teffilin allowed in school, and now this. This is not an official policy, of course, otherwise how could the Jewish Agency continue to ask rich Americans for money? However, that is a discussion for another day.

Ynet (only in Hebrew, unfortunately) reports that a ten year old boy, who just made Aliyah with his family from France, is suffering religious discrimination. The kid wanted to participate in an after-school soccer club in Modi’in, and so he signed up to the one that was nearest to his house, despite the fact that the club in question wasn’t run by his religious public school. His father also had the thought that he might meet new friends that way – apparently not a legitimate desire.

After the second meet, the kid came home crying, because everyone else decided to boycott “the religious kid”. He wears a kippah, and so they decided not to include him. In Israel. And once, again, in Modi’in. That city, which is so popular among Anglo Olim (many of whom are religious) is apparently adopting a policy of institutionalized discrimination against Jewish behavior. Not to mention the treatment of Olim, which is a much larger issue.

The boy tried to bring up the issue with the instructor, but was ignored. Great. Why is someone like that responsible for the safety and well-being of children?

Finally, the city did not dissapoint, and refused to accept any blame or concede any wrongdoing, characterizing the incident as a “conflict between two children during soccer practice…the issue was solved to the satisfaction of all sides involved.” Right. Refuse to accept any sort of responsibility – otherwise you wouldn’t be an Israeli bureaucrat.

UPDATE: Here is the English version of the article.

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