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Reading, Misc. IV

  1. Like discussing the Crusades without mentioning Christianity.
  2. How many Jews were eliminated?
  3. Now if they tried saving on electricity and paper.
  4. Israel is to India as Japan is… to Israel?
  5. Judges’ time off for bad behavior.
  6. Economy good for U.S. Army.
  7. The First Hebrew City’s Hummus – reviews this summer.
  8. Ladino on its Last Legs in Brooklyn.
  9. Pan-Arabism – No Eulogy.

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Sixty years ago an entire country was harnessed in order to mass produce murder. The world stood by as one third of the world’s Jews  were slaughtered. Never Again. Never Forget.

Also, Haveil Havalim, the weekly collection of posts, is up with #213 hosted by The Real Shaliach.

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