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“It is silly to think I am a Nazi just because of my boots and swastikas.” (Hebrew)

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The Value of Money

A bit outdated, but still funny:

What do you call the new two-shekel coin?

A dollar.

In other news, Haveil Havalim #202, The Superhero Edition, is hosted by SuperRaizy.

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Falafel on Rye?

Overheard at a falafel stand – guy who clearly does not know a lafa from from a tortilla: “I guess they only serve pita-bread here…”

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Overheard in Hebrew

For those of you who speak Hebrew and are familiar with the type of blog popularized by Overheard in New York, another time wasting tool is now available.

גונב לאזניי, with the clever subtitle of “ציטוטים של ציתותים” is basically Overheard in Israel, and will provide you with endless hours of entertainment, ensuring you get absolutely nothing done.

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Who Needs This Stuff?

Since returning to the US a few weeks ago, one thing that has struck me more than anything else is the enormous amount of utterly ridiculous products. Case in point here.

This is an instrument designed to open a can that has already been designed to be easy to open!

Other ridiculous products include buckets of margarita mix, a one egg sized frying pan, and a soda can crusher. Edison was right – I don’t know how much perspiration was involved in coming up with these inventions, but I doubt there was a whole lot of inspiration involved. Then again, genius…?

On the other hand, if stores keep stocking these products, people must be buying them. Who are these people, and why do they need 3 quarts of margarita mix?

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